by Trevor Davies

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marythewitch I love this song for many reasons. Some of those reasons are still unknown. Favorite track: (unsubjected).
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Recorded in collaboration with friends and lovers on Vancouver Island, BC in 2010. Thanks for your support, all participants and listeners!


released January 1, 2011

Trevor Davies - Guitars, Vocals, Trumpet
Phill Albert - Electric & Upright Bass
Dave Klasen - Drums
Natalie Germann - Piano, Vocals
Gillian Stone - Vocals
Sarah Deno - Violin, Trombone

Composed and Produced by Trevor Davies
Engineered by Kyle Ridley
Mixed and Mastered by Zak Cohen
@ The Woodshop Recording Studio,
Vancouver Island



all rights reserved


TREVOR DAVIES Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Words
The Words
I’m whispering
to everyone
from the tops of the trees
are shrouded
a thin
layer of ice
The birds
They’re twittering
They sing, sing, sing
Silencing silence
Wouldn’t it be nice?
If you could hear me
If someone were listening
Attending my voice
We’ll get there when we do
You’ll hear me when you’re ready to
Track Name: Nostalgic
A beam of light in the key G
Another one from you to me
Hanging from a dying tree
You are what you've always been

Nothing built from lies can stand
Nothing built by man
And all falls into the sea
Beauty is just symmetry

And as all falls into the sea
A beam of light I sing to thee
A song of love in the key of E
Beauty is symmetry

You are what you've always been
Beautiful: without, within
Track Name: Vicissitudes
The Dawn before the dawn
The tune that goes on and on
Seems we're fixin' to destroy
All the good things we have left

There's a few more turns left
Raining, wind-ing, winding
There's a storm out on a cliff
Blowing, blinding

I don't know what have left
to learn, to burn, to cross the clef
Letting go the past we thought
was the point of all this talk
What's the point of all this talk?

You're cutting up the lines
You're starving people just the right way
You're starting to unwind
You're taking up the line

Placing paper fines
Facing rocky climbs and other stray thoughts
I'm making up my mind
We're heading in the wrong direction

A land of sleep, dreamy conceit
Picking up our own defeat
Ignorant of what that entails
Of the conquests and the fails
Oh, the conquests and the fails

Picking up speed
Exquisite forms all fall away in decay
Taking the fare
that's offered to you all the wrong ways

Truth is its own proof
We'll make it through

Truth is its own proof
are likely to happen to you
Track Name: (unsubjected)
it's a wave of nausea
like the moon is pulling mine
and the roller coaster's at its crest
the red light just before it turns green
its the coldest part of the earliest morning
the enlightened breath before the first kiss
an unripe peach
before the drums kick in
the second to last cigarette
its the smell of dough
of unsure and uncomfortable
the feeling of light in a room with no windows

the song you don't like
but can't stop singing
its the feeling of your hands
if they were here
the bubbles just before they break the surface
oh, the quiet sighs,
on the rainy days, the snow as it starts to stick
it's too far to see
it's morning sex and scary movies
the picture that is underexposed,
the bland salad dressing,
the crooked painting in the hallway.
by the end of the night,
as water that was boiling lays still
sitting silkily after the climax
after the bubbles had blossomed and burst
the deadened leaves fall to the ground
and become crisp
the echoed piano tones linger in the air
after the player leaves the bench
the sound of a door
just after its been slammed shut
the morning after your first night together
the last brush stroke
the exhale
the melting snow
the last stanza
the dirty sheets
the lipstick on the rim of her wine glass
the moral of the story
the ash
the rotten apples on the ground
being eaten by worms

The song you don't like
but can't stop singing
its the feeling of your hands
if they were here
the bubbles just before they break the surface
Oh, the quiet sighs
on the rainy days, the snow as it starts to stick.]
it's too far to see
it's exhausted
after a sin, I don't feel like poetry

it's morning sex
and scary movies
Track Name: Devil's Chapter
Tom came riding in
Riding high and prim
His shoulders straight and chin in
Like a guardsman on parade

Father's hanging over my head
Mother can't know about this
He speaks softly but his voice fills the room

This room is not my house
This is house is not my home
I'm lost and all alone

Interpolate, and die
It's so hard to remember when or why
A night of splashed light
'Til powder-driven lead
Finds your secret
Lets the fluid out in you

Now this is true
Tom was dead
He only had a few decent things left to do
I am my own judge
At this trial
I sit on display in front of furniture
And all the vial sins
That accuse from within
Betray my mother's God

Now Red Tom, Gum Tom
He's always been so strong
Too tired to kill himself

Tom went riding out
Past 3am
And the fields that never worked for him

He was a gallant gentleman
Track Name: The Puzzle
The Puzzle comes apart
The pieces separate
The image whole is lost
But we still sense a fate

The picture's beautiful
And so are all our lives
The spirit will rise

The Puzzle falls apart
The pieces fall apart
The ego falls apart
At last we find our heart

The picture whole is beautiful
The pieces small are beautiful
Our fate is beautiful
The aggregate is beautiful

(Dripping like time
Water-like rhyme
Singing our song
Weakness is strong
Falling apart
Pieces of heart
We know our fate
Yet separate
The picture whole
is beautiful
The pieces small
are beautiful
Our fate
is beautiful
The aggregate
is beautiful)
Track Name: Tread
The ground
Seems further away
Than it usually does
This time of day

That you don't fall from Grace
The drop is greater
Than from a lower place

Filling out squares, connecting dots
Tryin to reconcile all these
Thoughts in my head
The path my soul treads
Is long
Laying in bed, dreaming in song
Away from the throng
Yet tryin to understand our common

Seems further away
Than it usually does

Be sure
That you don't fall from Grace
The pain is greater than from a lesser place

And No,
Knives don't have your back
You're not under attack
You can relax

Track Name: Sketch
Let smoke fill the room
The magic's gone now, magic's gone.
The only light
Is the moon
The power's out now, power's out
A cigarette loneliness
clings to the silence, the cold air,
are thick like the snow.
In ink and paper moments
there's solace -
The warmth of a candle,

Let smoke clear the room
The magic's gone now, magic's gone.
Track Name: Don't Fret, Don't Fuss
Hang tight, you’ll be notified when you’re dead.
Form lines, line forms, fill the mould, start spores
And rot away from the inside out…

There’s nothing here to lose so come with us,
We’ll take care of you and yours.
You don’t want the worst things to happen to you,
do you?

We can set you free, just join our army.

Panic only makes things worsen.
Don’t fret, get rest, we want you well.

Speak when spoken to, my dear.

You’re a machine so please don’t fuss
Tranquil dreams woven by us
Pulling strings that hang you tight
Dry you out and block the light.

Controlled by us, you’ve got nothing to fear.
Track Name: Hush
Do not
offend me
with your Science

my ear drums
the skin's too tight

I can't
so stop
yourself to